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At Vallarta Paradise we offer property management services as well as building administration; We know that having a property manager helps the owner rest easy when they are away, knowing they have a person they trust watching over their investment or their second home, we treat your property like if it was our own. 


We manage properties in different areas of town, like Amapas, Conchas Chinas, Las Glorias, Fluvial, etc and Developments like Scala, Avida,  La Joya. 

Our property management services include but are not limited to the following; 

  • A weekly inspection of your property, making it easier for our maintenance team to handle any repairs that come up while you are away, if needed we will hire outside trusted contractors to handle special needs in your property.

  • All bill payment, trust, electricity, phone, cable tv, internet and any other utility or personal payment needed. 

  • We offer maid service based on your property needs. We will schedule a maid to your property and ensure your unit is properly cleaned especially during arrivals. We recommend to have at least one cleaning service per week due to the weather conditions, specially humidity and dust in Puerto Vallarta.

  • Cleaning supplies and paper products for the unit.

  • Monthly accounting. 

  • Emergency services 

  • Help leasing your property, meet and greet, and departure checkout for rentals.​ Keep calendars updated.

  • We know that not all properties are the same, so we can custom make a property management contract just for you home.



    Besides all the above responsibilities and duties (that apply)  we do yearly assembly meetings, minutes, registration and protocolization of minutes.  We work with lawyers that speak English and accountants for all needs and purposes. 



 Studio & One bedroom- $2000 pesos monthly.

 Two and three Bedrooms - $3000.00 pesos monthly.​

 Four bedrooms - $4000.00 pesos monthly.

 Villas - $5000.00 pesos monthly.

 Condo Building administration - Up to 7 units - $12,000 pesos

                                                           Up to 16 units- $16,000 pesos 

*** Prices may vary***

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