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About Us

My name is Isabel Mendiola and my husband is Archie Marquez. We lived in the USA for several years but we decided to make  the move to Puerto Vallarta in 2009 and we fell in love with the city, we started this company because we like to help and meet people and is a good business to make a living. 

We are a family company dedicated to help people find their perfect vacation rental or long term property in Puerto Vallarta or surrounding areas, we are not just a business, we build personal relationships with our clients without losing the focus on service and their needs, to “US” our clients are our focus.

We provide property management services, we help you with the hassle of owning a property and living abroad. We have 10 + years experience in this business, during this time, we have build good relationships with other agents and agencies in the sales and rental departments, this help us find what you need if is not in our inventory.

My husband has a maintenance company called Construcción y Mantenimiento de la Bahía (CMB) . He provides all of our maintenance services from a simple job to remodeling or construction.

With us and our team you will find: Sales, Rentals, Property Management, maid service, maintenance, remodeling and much more.


 Isabel Mendiola Rivera -  Manager, Sales and Rentals Specialist

 Archie Marquez Gomez - Maintenance manager

 Olga Peña - Cleaning crew

 Guadalupe Gonzalez - Cleaning crew


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